How to Add a Sidebar in WordPress 5.9 and beyond

create sitebar wp fse

Starting with WordPress 5.9, you can edit your entire website using the integrated option called FSE (Full Site Editing). Check more stats about WordPress and explore the latest major releases here.

This might sound exciting, but there are downsides. For example, there is no easy way to create a sidebar, because there are no widgets and no dedicated sidebar options.

If you want to try the new way of creating a sidebar, follow the steps below.

Create a sidebar in WordPress 5.9 and beyond

1. Install a block theme like Twenty Twenty-Two.

2. Go to Appearance – Editor. Then, select Templates – Single Post. Here you’ll be able to adjust the appearance of you single post and add a sidebar.


3. Remove everything except your header and footer.

4. Create a new block below the header. Insert a Columns block. Select the appropriate width, for example 70/30. You can later adjust the width.

wpeditor add new column

5. In the left column add all the blocks that are related to your single post: Post Title, Post Featured Images, Post Excerpt, Post Date, etc. In the right column add all the blocks that are related to your sidebar: Latest Posts, Latest Comments; Custom HTML, etc.

wpeditor create sidebar

6. Save the template. You can anytime clear your customizations and revert to the initial state.

That’s it, all your single posts will now have a sidebar with your desired content inside.

I’m not very fond of this implementation and don’t really like the default site editor in WordPress. I’ve previously shared my thoughts on Gutenberg and would not solely rely on it (at the moment).

I would still use a theme that supports widgets, sidebars and the Customizer. Any of these themes is capable of that:

Let me know if you find this guide useful or have other ideas or suggestions. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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