Average Web Designer Salary Per Year Worldwide


Web designers are those talented and inspired professionals who create beautiful (or not so appealing) designs for websites.

Having a nice looking website is crucial these days. Users have tons of options to create a website, but they still need a great design if they care about visual appearance and user experience.

That’s why, there will be always a demand for someone to design a layout for a website or adjust an existing design to fit the customer’s needs.

If you’re thinking about a web designer career or you’re already working as one, you might be curious to know how much money do web designers make in your area.

I’ve complied a list with average web designer salaries per year in different countries, so you can use it as a reference (and ask a pay raise from your boss :)).

The data from the list is based on 3 online sources: PayScale, Glasdoor, Indeed.

Please note that I’ve only included data for specific countries, as not all of them are covered by source websites.

How Much Do Web Designers Make by Country?

CountryAverage salary per yearAverage salary per yearAverage salary per year
United States$ 50,524$ 52,691$ 44,442
CanadaC$ 47,916C$ 50,000C$ 44,985
BrazilR$ 21,600R$ 30,780
ArgentinaARS 200,000ARS 828,000
United Kingdom£ 23,348£ 26,523£ 33,273
Ireland€ 33,537€ 40,605€ 33,876
Germany€ 35,675€ 50,678
France€ 25,490€ 42,126
Italy€ 23,966€ 42,253
Spain€ 24,256€ 27,725
Portugal€ 18,434€ 10,572
Netherlands€ 33,814€ 24,984
Belgium€ 25,539€ 57,687
Austria€ 32,900
Polandzł 31,243
RomaniaRON 20,000RON 38,400
BulgariaBGN 13,200BGN 27,000
HungaryHUF 3,600,000HUF 3,828,156
SwedenSEK 410,828
NorwayNOK 437,500
Finland€ 51,923€ 24,408
SwitzerlandCHF 70,844CHF 79,000
Israel₪ 137,858₪ 144,660
China¥ 72,000¥ 124,608
India₹ 280,241₹ 361,916₹ 209,352
Bangladesh৳ 73,611৳ 300,000
Saudi ArabiaSAR 57,400SAR 163,188
United Arab EmiratesAED 51,000AED 60,000
Turkey₺ 50,000₺ 38,340
South AfricaZAR 140,532ZAR 301,644ZAR 163,200
Nigeria₦ 958,647
Russia₽ 600,000₽ 1,322,604
Ukraine₴ 12,000₴ 60,000
Japan¥ 4,064,654¥ 3,694,080
AustraliaAU$ 56,049AU$ 74,906AU$ 67,003
New ZealandNZ$ 52,053NZ$ 77,000
IndonesiaIDR 51,000,000IDR 76,068,000
TaiwanNT$ 638,000NT$ 700,000
Thailand฿ 390,000฿ 576,000
MalaysiaRM 36,195RM 45,000RM 36,996
SingaporeS$ 30,927S$ 36,000S$ 36,684
Philippines₱ 281,697₱ 240,000₱ 280,416

As you can see the data is not similar across different sources. That’s because salary data is based on a different number of reported salaries.

In any case, if you want to pursue a career in web design, want to get a new job or maybe relocate to another country, you might find this info useful.

Types of designers

A web designer is a professional who designs a website. Do not confuse with the web developer, who is the professional who turns the design (using code) into a functional website.

There are multiple types of designers:

  • (UI) User Interface Designer
  • (UX) User Experience Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Visual Designer

These days, a web designer’s job might require multiple skills, so you better focus on something specific and know the difference.

Where to learn web design?

We live in an era where most of the information is accessible to practically anyone. You can watch tons of video tutorials, read articles, enroll in online courses, check other web designers’ works and even get in touch with them.

If you want to learn at your own pace, you can check some of these online course websites:

Here is a list of free and paid web design tutorials you can explore.

What are the employment options?

When it comes to choosing the way you want to work, you have several options. You can:

  • Work as a freelance web designer
  • Be an in-house web designer for a company or agency
  • Have your own web project or agency
  • Collaborate with a web developer and co-found your own business

Where to find web design work?

If you choose to work as a freelance or in-house web designer, you can search for work on some popular web platforms like:

Where to showcase your design works?

You’ll need a portfolio to showcase your design works. There are multiple websites where you can list your web design works and build a memorable portfolio. Here is a list of sites where you can publish your work:

Over to you

So, tell us, is web design something you want to learn? Are you a web designer and are looking for a job? Do you earn enough? Are you looking to launch your own project?

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