How to fix the FAQ Duplicate field ‘acceptedAnswer’ error in WordPress

faq duplicate field error guide

In this brief guide I’m going to show you how to quickly fix the Duplicate field ‘acceptedAnswer’ issue in WordPress.

What is Duplicate field ‘acceptedAnswer’ error?

This error appears in Search Console and is related to FAQ schema markup. If you markup your FAQ pages properly, you might get some rich results in Google search.

Here is an example of rich result (aka rich snippet):

faq rich result snippet

If you get a notification from Search Console with this error and click to learn more you will land on Google’s comprehensive guide on how to markup your FAQ pages, but you won’t find info on this particular issue.

faq duplicate field error learn more

It turns out that if you use WordPress and Yoast SEO plugin you should not add 2 separate FAQ blocks on one page or post. That’s the cause of the issue.

You should only place 1 FAQ block with all the questions and answers inside that block – as simple as that.

yoast faq block wordpress

If you get this error in Search Console, follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Open your page/post in WordPress admin
  2. Remove multiple FAQ blocks and keep only 1 FAQ block in your post/page. Click on Update
  3. Go to Search Console -> Enhancements -> FAQ. Open the Duplicate field “acceptedAnswer” section and click on Validate fix
search console faq error info
search console faq error validation

That’s it, it can take about 1-2 weeks until Google will mark this issue as fixed and your post or page will be eligible for rich results.

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