10 Inspiring Websites Built With Elementor

elementor website inspiration

In 2022, Elementor is still one of the most popular WordPress site builders for businesses and professionals altogether despite the tight competition on the market, represented by other builders and the default Gutenberg editor.

The popular drag and drop builder progress over the last year was consistent, with a predictable growth in 2022. According to W3Techs, 10.5% of known CMS websites use Elementor, and Tripadvisor is one of the by the way.

Elementor is versatile builder allowing you to control and adjust multiple aspects of your website design and functionality. You can edit your header/footer, get plenty of advanced features and use it with a popular theme like Astra.

I’ve compiled a list of appealing websites created with Elementor, so you can use them as a source of inspiration. Have a look below and let me know if you like them.

10 Lovely Examples of Sites Built With Elementor

1. SALT Design Store


Designed by: UNKNOWN Design
Used Theme: Astra Pro
Website URL: https://saltdesignstore.com/
Website Owner: Salt Ceramics (Pty) Ltd

SALT is an online store that targets the South African market and provides beautifully created and presented furniture, lighting, and accessories for homes.

The product categories featured on the home page are presented in a minimalist and luxurious manner, with a clear balance between images and description. 

The SALT menu opens the full list of product categories and subcategories including a well-integrated search bar that combined with all other elements makes the website an ergonomic, compact, and user-friendly digital tool.

2. Aquadeck 


Designed by: Pollet Group
Used Theme: Hello
Website URL: https://www.aquadeck.nl/
Website Owner: Pollet Pool Group Portugal

Aquadeck is specialized in beautifully designed and efficient pool covers. The website keeps the lines of simplicity within reasonable borders and highlights the product only when it’s necessary.

The fonts, images, and colors blend so well with each other, that you can’t say from first sight that Aquadeck is a website about pool covers. Good job, Pollet Group. 

3. The Shift Clinic


Designed by: Five by Five
Theme: Genesis
Website URL: https://www.theshiftclinic.com/
Website Owner: The Shift Clinic

The Shift Clinic had an excellent web design choice by making everything look like a roadmap. It has a strong informational meaning, but at the same time, it leads customers directly to the main call-to-action button that points directly to the conversion process. 

The colors and images send a calm message and create together another ecosystem where clients can evade their routine life. The font together with a limited and clear text invites users to dive deeper into the website and eventually read and understand everything about The Shift Clinic.

4. The Scotsman Group


Designed by: Chriss Campbell
Used Theme: Borgholm
Website URL: https://scotsman.group/
Website Owner: The Scotsman Group

The Scotsman Group is probably one of the few websites that deserve to be nominated for their design by successfully using a video sequence in their header.

The thing is, a video could be a great solution to describe a wide range of services like in this particular case. Nonetheless, it makes you scroll down the website and find that other images are strongly connected to what you just watched in the beginning. 

The Scotsman Group has a history behind them and is mentioned every time they had the chance – a smart choice to inspire trust and consolidate it with the font used in headers.

So, while the entire website looks fresh and young, it keeps the scent of history – just like a good whiskey. 

5. 21 Minutes Coaching


Designed by: Lenus
Used Theme: Page Builder Framework
Website URL: https://21minutes-coaching.de/
Website Owner: 21minutes Eichenweg

Online coaching is becoming extremely popular especially since the pandemic emerged, and an increasing number of trainers do this. That’s the case of Nina and Pablo too, that chose to go online and practice what they do regularly. 

The website is beautifully starting with the name – it tells exactly how much time you will spend a day doing your exercises together with them. The rest of the website explains in 4 simple steps everything you need to know about them, and their program.

The images are great and send the right mood to start working with them, and the text touches every point someone would expect – the training-meals-mental-regeneration process. 



Designed by: Limo Comunicazione
Used Theme: Hello
Website URL: https://stereotipisonoviolenza.lab.limo/
Website Owner: Limo Comunicazione

When it comes to sending strong messages to the community – Stereotypisonoviolence is probably one of the best.

Shortly, the project is about raising awareness towards violence that comes out of stereotypes, and I think the colors and the symbols used right from the beginning of the website send users to think right about what they should do. 

There is of course no better way to graphically express violence than using red on a black background, and small dots of grey only enhances the experience.

The content is about statistics and cases that tell how stereotype violence affects society. There is nothing I would add or remove both from a design or content perspective. 

7. Bickford and Sons


Designed by: Sid Puri
Used Theme: Astra
Website URL: https://www.bickfordandsons.com.au/
Website Owner: BICKFORD & SONS

Drinks are usually a sensitive topic, and representing them visually can be difficult. But Bickford and Sons made me want what they sell – Tonic water.

Let’s start with the header, it’s dynamic, bottles move smooth and there is a label on it – pretty clear, right?! 

The menu, logo, and colors are talking about tradition and history – they are doing tonic water since 1974, and it’s probably good. There is also a list of recipes, so there are more ways I can enjoy the same drinks.

By scrolling down, there are also great product photos, and a text description of their two main products – wise choice if you want to change them either by season or even by day. So, the final question – does it look cool? Definitely.

8. Claudia Rock


Designed by: Thomas Pichler
Used Theme: Hello
Website URL: https://cr-chocolate.at/
Website Owner: Röck&Röck OG

That’s one of the few amazingly designed food-related websites. While it keeps simplicity and minimalism, it looks full of flavour. Also, Hello theme beautifully blends elements on the website – both those from the menu and from shop. 

Another important aspect that I think play an important role in this website’s aesthetics is carefully selected images – all have the same color range and talk about what the website is about. 

The last thing that I could not let it slip my attention is the fontm and its size. Small descriptions tell big words about the delicious products of CR Chocolate. 

9. Balance Box


Designed by: Matteo Prazini
Used Theme: Anon
Website URL: https://balancebox.it/
Website Owner: Valeria Curzio

I was extremely impressed by designer’s choice of elements’ arrangement on the website. The 4 images that come first on the website dictate the color palette and the vibe Balance Box sends. 

Everything else looks concise enough, and depicts a classical WooCommerce built with Elementor, and at the same time a wonderful representation of consistency. 

10. Outbound Film


Designed by: Woww Digital
Used Theme: Astra Pro
Website URL: https://outboundfilm.com/
Website Owner: Lesley-Anne Mulder

An artistic and original design that used topic-related images both as a background and individual page elements is what I find most inspiring in this website. What else makes this website special is the sticky header that always gives a chance to navigate to any website sections you need. 

That’s it folks, I hope you liked this selection of beautifully designed Elementor websites. Let me know in the comments below if you know more awesome examples.

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