15 Reasons to Start a WordPress Blog This Year

start blog this year

So, for those who think that 2022 is still too late for starting a blog, the latest stats prove the opposite.

We are living in a technological world, everything is online these days, so you can be there too, and there are multiple benefits to have an online presence.

For me, blogging started as a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience with others, and evolved into a valuable knowledge base of answers for people like you.

If you don’t have a blog yet, there are at least a few solid reasons for you to create one this year.

1. Helps you organize your thoughts


Having a blog means filtering a great amount of information, analyzing, describing, and putting it on paper among other, more complex processes that happen inside our minds.

However, while you make a content plan and start writing the first blog post, the fight between ideas in your head gets tight, and those who stand out are the winning pillars of your first piece of content.

This applies to any other field, especially if your way of being is chaotic. It took me 3 days to start writing my first blog post, and 4 more days to get it done.

I had a terrible time, couldn’t even choose the title, I quit writing several times – and all because I had too many ideas inside my head.

No one said it’s going to be easy. However, once I finished the first pieces of content – it cleared my mind and helped me organize my thoughts in my day-to-day life, which in turn increased my productivity.

2. Improves your self-esteem


If organizing your thoughts will take more time while blogging, self-esteem comes by itself much faster.

At least in my case it came during the writing process and got stronger with each new blog post.

There are many sources of self-esteem when you start running a blog – proving to yourself that you can, positive reactions from readers, and, even got praised by friends and family for your first success. 

So, regardless of what kind of blog you start writing, as long as you let others see it, you will always get a dose of self-esteem.

The effect of gained self-esteem is also scalable, you might get a lot or just a little but either way is better than before, right?! So, consider starting a blog to get more confidence to continue it.

Self-esteem is just another big personal asset you gain by starting a blog. 

3. Improves your analytical skills

Analysis is what you do more when you write. The way of writing a blog is the result of an analysis that gets better every time you go through writing something new. 

In professional terms, analytical abilities and critical thinking are required in any modern job. Managing a blog could improve the way you process information and up to changing the way you view things.

Before getting into blogging, I never paid attention to Search Engine Optimization. Later on, I started analyzing my content and partially rewrote entire blog posts to increase my chances of being discovered and read. 

In the long run, getting better analytical skills through blogging will pass to the day-to-day life, and may play a decisive role in decision-making management and processes alike. 

4. Expands your knowledge and expertise


Every day, millions of blog post are being published.

If you read, say 5 blog posts a day about a topic you have in mind, the next piece of content you will release is half-done. That’s something I also do, and from my experience – reading similar blog posts help me with the following processes: 

  • Finding new ideas about the next topics I want to write
  • Approaching the topic differently
  • Understand which tools I should use, and how
  • Research a specific area of the topic deeper
  • Target your expectations as a reader
  • Experiment with new, less popular views over a topic

In turn, every action mentioned above helps me to become better at what I write. 

There is no specific timeframe that can tell when you will feel more experienced in what you write. Blogging takes time and patience, just as the results from blogging do. But it’s definitely worth the effort. 

5. Blogging is trending

Despite what you hear or think about blogging, 77% of internet users regularly read blogs.

The reason why blogs are popular in 2022 stands in the quality of User Generated Content.

Another indicator that points to blogs as a trend is the decentralization of blogging platforms. From Moveable Type, which now doesn’t have a solid market share in the blogging ecosystem, Tumblr and WordPress, now are under the Automattic brand have together over 565 Million blogs.

Players like Wix, Medium, Joomla, are at the other end of the table with estimated 2.5 Million blogs each. These and tens of other blogging platforms prove that blogging is just at its middle ages and 2022 may be the best time to start blogging. 

In addition, blogging isn’t just about starting it along, but also refers to adding a blog to your business website. HubSpot for example, states that 90% of B2B businesses and 70% of B2C businesses use the content for brand awareness and industry authority.

That’s why it may be a great idea to add a blog to your business website and share news, ideas, experience, and thoughts about processes that happen inside your field and even beyond.

6. Expands your audience

Once you blog gets more popular, you can start building a community around it. In this way you can achieve a better connection with your audience and expand your blog.

There is no better way to promote your content via an engaged community. Additionally, your avid visitors/readers might also share feedback and help you improve your blog.

7. Makes you financially independent

make money via blogging

There are lots of professionals making a living out of blogging or content creation. You don’t have to blog full time to be financially independent.

A blog can be one of your side projects and if it’s successful enough, it can generate you some extra income. At the same time, you can still have a full time job and work on your blog when you have some spare time.

There are multiple ways to monetize your blog:

  • Sell ads
  • Post sponsored content
  • Advertise via a newsletter
  • Sell courses or services
  • Sell eBooks
  • Receive donations
  • Offer a paid membership

If you focus on quality and work hard on your blog, the partnership offers will come naturally.

8. Helps you document your knowledge

I started blogging many years ago. I was curious to find out how are blogging platforms working. I was posting content on various platforms and wasn’t consistent.

I wish I had a personal blog where I could publish and document all my thoughts, ideas, knowledge, etc. Having a blog is a great way to create and manage an online archive with all important content you might have.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, and create your blog now. In 2-5 years, you might be amazed on how useful/successful it may become.

9. A place to share your opinion

If you have a different perspective on things, a blog is the best place to share your thoughts and ideas without being censored or judged.

You can write about anything you want, whenever you want.

10. Enhances your professional skills

With blogging you can learn a lot of new things that will make you a better professional, for example:

  • how to set up a new WordPress website
  • how to register and choose a domain name
  • how and where to host your website
  • what is SEO and how to make your blog SEO friendly
  • how to customize your website’s design
  • how to insert an email form on your blog
  • how to advertise your blog

11. Builds your personal brand

Having a blog is a great way to build your own brand an have an online portfolio which you can always use as a reference.

A personal blog or website can host your articles and also showcase your services or even products. The modern website builders like WordPress allow you to extend your website’s functionality.

Selling products, courses, services, etc. is no longer a challenge these days. You have the tools to get things started.

12. It’s not expensive

Creating and launching a WordPress blog is affordable. You would only need about $100 to start a decent website. If you’ll get more visitors and start making a profit, you might want to invest more on premium tools or custom design.

At the beginning though, you don’t need to spend much. The most valuable resource is your time and knowledge.

13. Work from anywhere


Be your own boss and work from anywhere you like: be it your home, cafe, coworking space, office or any other place. The recent years proved that remote work has a lot of advantages and is a necessity.

14. Manage your time as you wish

It’s important to have discipline when it comes to work. At the same time, it’s great to have the option to work whenever you want. This gives you more flexibility in your day to day life.

Having a blog allows you to manage your time the way you want. No one will stop you from working on your blog at 5 AM or after 7 PM.

15. It can make a difference

If just 1 person can learn something useful on your blog and apply this knowledge to make his life better, you’ve already made a difference.

You might not realize this and think that your website doesn’t impact the life of your visitors in any way. However, you might be wrong.

“No one cares about this topic”. You care about it, so someone else probably does.

Dmitri Brereton

Read this amazing article on why you should write it anyway.

Some exciting blogging statistics to keep you inspired

  • Adding one or more images in a blog post increases its visibility by 94% compared to text-only blog posts (Quick Sprout)
  • 97% of bloggers use social media to boost blog engagement (Orbit Media)
  • Longer blog posts get up to 77.2% more backlinks compared to shorter blog posts (Orbit Media)
  • Unique, original content can bring up to 2,000% traffic growth (Omnicore Agency)
  • 8% of bloggers make enough money to support their families (Finances Online)
  • 31.7% of blogs are from United State. That’s about 10% of its population (Finances Online)
  • 53.3% of all bloggers are between 21-35 years old (Daily Infographic)
  • 37 seconds is the average time a reader spends on a blog post (Quoracreative)
  • Websites with 16 and more monthly blog posts bring more traffic than websites with fewer monthly blog posts (HubSpot)
  • 7 out of 10 internet users prefer advertising through blogs rather than PPC (Content Marketing Institute)
  • The most profitable blog is Huffington Post with $500M/year in revenue (Target Internet)
  • 34% of bloggers check Google Analytics after each blog they post (Express Writers)
  • 76% of companies use organic traffic to measure content success (Express Writers)
  • 68.5% of internet buyers say a blog makes a website more credible (Hosting Tribunal)
  • Blogs are the 5th most credible source on the web (OptinMonster)

That’s it folks, I highly recommend you to consider launching a blog this year. Here are some resources to help you get started:

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