Quick thoughts on Google Pixel 6 from a non-geek

google pixel 6 thoughts

Google has been trying to enter the smartphone market for a while now, but every time they failed to deliver a decent device. Google Pixel 6 is yet another one.

Note: This is my personal opinion and should be treated as such. I don’t consider myself a geek or someone obsessed by devices. I’m just an average user.

Hey Google, check out my feedback:

  • I don’t need a super high quality 50 MP AI camera. The phone should be able to make and receive calls 1st of all.
  • I don’t need a 207 g brick in my pocket. I don’t need a 16 cm height brick in my hand.
  • I don’t care about the refresh rate, 5G and other fancy stuff. Give me a solid battery life.
  • I don’t care about the software updates. New OS update = more features, but less performance, worse battery life.
  • The price is competitive. However, I don’t think that a smartphone should cost more than an average laptop.

I think that these suggestions are relevant to iPhones and other related mobile devices.

Let me know in the the comments below if you agree or disagree. Keen to see your opinions on the latest flagship phone by Google.

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