Top 5 WordPress Theme Detectors to Check a Site’s Theme


Have you ever browsed a site and wondered: wow, that’s a nice looking website, how do I check what WordPress theme is it using? I would like to have a similar design on my website.

Well, 1st of all you need to find out if that website is powered by WordPress. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Add /wp-admin/ to the domain name, like this If you land on a WordPress login page, then this site is WordPress based
  • Right click on a web page and click on “View source”, then search for “wp-content”
  • Use a browser extension like Wappalyzer, which will show you what technologies are used on a site
  • Use a WordPress theme detector which will show you what theme and plugins are used on a site (more on that below)

What is a WordPress theme detector?

It’s a free online tool that shows you what WordPress theme and plugins are currently used on a website.

How to check what WordPress theme is used on a site?

Simply copy and paste the site link in one of the WordPress theme detectors listed below. You will get a detailed description of the theme that is currently used on that site, along with the list of plugins and other useful information.

What are the best WordPress theme detectors?

Here is a list of top 5 WordPress theme detectors. I like them because they’re extremely easy to use and give you all the info on what WordPress theme is used, so you can easily get that theme and create a similar looking site. Here they are:

1. What WordPress Theme Is That

What WordPress Theme Is That detector

This is one of the oldest tools in the market. I was really impressed when I first tested it (you know it was kinda cool in 2012). It still does the job.

It will show you the following info:

  • Theme name
  • Theme homepage
  • Author
  • Author homepage
  • Description
  • Version
  • License
  • Theme screenshot
  • List of WordPress plugins

2. WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector online tool

WP Theme Detector is also a well known tool. It will show you relevant info about a WordPress site.

Here is the data that you’ll get:

  • Theme info – name, version, author, description, theme type, download link
  • Theme popularity – how popular is this theme based on their directory
  • Theme provider – provider info, link to their website, provider popularity
  • Plugins – list of WordPress plugins used on that site and links to those plugins
  • Additional info – WP configuration and other stuff

3. Scan WP

Scan WP WordPress Theme Detector

Scan WP is a clean and simple online tool that does the job. A Chrome extension is also available, if you want to use it in your browser.

It will show you the following info:

  • Theme title
  • Hosting provider
  • Theme image
  • Price
  • Store URL
  • Theme URL
  • Version
  • Author
  • Description

4. Themesinfo WP Detector

WordPress Theme Detector themesinfo

Another simple and useful tool. They also provide a Chrome extension which you can use directly in the browser.

The tool will show you the following info:

  • Theme info – theme name, author, number of sites using this theme, theme folder, version, theme URL, author URL, description
  • WordPress plugins – plugin name, description, number of sites using this plugin
  • Domain information – domain name, IP, Alexa Rank, hostname, ISP, country, region, city, nameservers

5. IsItWP

IsItWP WordPress Theme Detector

This tool is easy to use and straightforward. I like its minimalist design.

It will display you the following info:

  • Site platform
  • Site title
  • Link to WHOIS info
  • Theme name
  • Theme download link
  • List of WordPress plugins

As you might have noticed, I’m using Astra theme on this website. It’s a fast, light and customizable theme which can be used on pretty every kind of website. It’s compatible with Elementor page builder and has lots of other handy features.

Both Astra and Elementor have Pro versions with even more advanced features. If you’re considering any of them for your site, check the difference between Astra Pro and Elementor Pro.