The History of WordPress + 20 Unbelievable Facts


For those of you who are not familiar with WordPress yet – it’s a powerful, open source website builder used by millions of web enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, businesses, corporate sites, news sites and many more.

Over the last 18 years it transformed from a blogging platform into a fully featured site builder. It’s constantly evolving and offering new features and ways to create and customize your website.

I have been using WordPress since its early days (since around 2007-2008). Back then, it was a pretty simple CMS (content management system), mainly used to power blogs and informative websites.

It’s still one of my preferred platforms for building sites, even if there are so many other builders out there, bundled with all-in-one solutions and features.

I like WordPress because:

  • It’s free
  • It’s open source
  • It’s SEO friendly
  • The design can be customized as you wish (themes)
  • The functionality can be easily extended (plugins)
  • It has a great community

Anyway, if you’re considering building a site, WordPress is probably the way to go. It has a steeper learning curve, but once you nail it, you’ll be able to manage pretty much every aspect of your site.

I’ve compiled a list of amazing facts and stats about WordPress, just to illustrate how cool it is and what an impressive history it has.

20 incredible stats and facts about WordPress

How old is WordPress?

1. WordPress is 18 years old. It was founded in May, 2003


Who founded WordPress?

2. Founders: Matt Mullenweg, Mike Little


What is WordPress’s market share?

3. WordPress powers 41% of the whole web


How many websites are powered by WordPress?

4. It’s used by more than 345K of top 1 Million sites in the world


What is the company behind and

Automattic is the company that runs (hosted platform) and contributes to the open source project Also, hundreds of other volunteers contribute to platform and make it better every day.

5. Automattic has 1,470 employees from 80 countries speaking 100 different languages


What is the most popular version of WordPress?

6. Most popular version: 5.7 (used on 44% of websites)


What is the most popular language of WordPress?

7. Most popular language: English (used by cca. 45% of websites)


In how many languages is WordPress available?

8. It’s available in 205 languages


How many times WordPress has been downloaded?

9. WordPress 5.7 has been downloaded more than 54 Million times


How many free themes are available in WordPress?

10. There are more than 8,200 free themes available


How many free plugins are available in WordPress?

11. There are more than 58,400 free plugins available


What are the most popular free WordPress themes?

12. The most popular themes (1+ Mln installations): Twenty Twenty, Twenty Seventeen, Astra


What are the most popular free WordPress plugins?

13. The most popular plugins (5+ Mln installations): Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Classic Editor, Akismet Spam Protection, Elementor, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Really Simple SSL


How many WordCamps have been organized to date?

WordCamps are locally-organized conferences which are exclusively related to WordPress.

14. More than 1083 WordCamps organized to date


How many spam comments have been blocked in WordPress to date?

15. More than 515+ Billion spam comments blocked to date


How many times / month is the word “WordPress” searched in Google?

16. More than 4.9 Million searches / month in Google search


What popular brands use WordPress to power their sites?

17. Popular brands using WordPress: Vogue, Quartz, Toyota Motors, New York Post, Time, Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company, etc.


Why every major WordPress release is nicknamed?

WordPress core developers share a love of jazz music, so they name every major release.

18. Every major release is named in honor of a jazz musician


How much do freelance WordPress developers earn?

19. Freelance WordPress developer average rate per hour: $25 – $95


What is the latest version of WordPress

20. The latest version of WordPress is 5.7.2, released in May 2021


Latest major releases and important features:

  • WordPress 5.0, Dec 2018: Gutenberg block-based editor launched, new default theme Twenty Nineteen, Classic Editor plugin released
  • WordPress 5.1, Feb 2019: introduced Site Health features, Gutenberg performance improvements 
  • WordPress 5.2, May 2019: PHP error protection, plugin compatibility checks, accessibility updates
  • WordPress 5.3, Nov 2019: Gutenberg improvements, new default theme Twenty Twenty, admin email verification, automatic image rotation
  • WordPress 5.4, Mar 2020: new blocks, privacy changes, UI/UX changes
  • WordPress 5.5, Aug 2020: lazy loading implementation, built-in XML sitemap, auto-updates for plugins and themes, block patterns, new block directory
  • WordPress 5.6, Dec 2020: new theme Twenty Twenty-One, better video captioning, more block patterns, auto-update settings, PHP 8.0 support, updates to jQuery
  • WordPress 5.7, Mar 2021: easy switch from HTTP to HTTPS, new robots API, integrated lazy load for iframes, Gutenberg editor enhancements


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